About “Beneath Archers Tree”

This book takes an unusual slant on life, both from a socioeconomic and cultural standpoint. The underlying sense of humor leans towards Native American and the working class, you know the people that really built America and every other country on this planet. This being said, the reader will find a connection to the author and this book. The book takes the reader on a journey of discovery that opens that primal dormant eye of the hunter in all of us. The author was raised in a couture that is rich in oral history. Stories told around tables and campfires a couture that believes in signs and visions both are depicted in this offering. The author said that the family stories were written just like they happen; only some of the names were changed. There is strong intelligent female characters through-out this book. The only character created was one to help explain a dream or vision depending on ones belief system, a vision that the author had while in the mountains. This book asks the reader to question everything around us. Some questions are even quantum based. There is a freckle here and a wart there but overall this book is well worth the read. You will laugh and cry and your spirit will fly.

Beneath Archers Tree has been read by some of the smartest people in this country, some worked for NASA, some were professors, one, is one of the author’s hero’s. This hero is Russell Means the Indian activist and actor and author of, “Where White Men Fear To Tread.” A book every American should take a moment and read. Mr. Means read a chapter from Beneath Archers Tree, the chapter was Stain Glass Sky, he sent a note saying how much he liked it.



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