Beneath Archers Tree

Hi, I’m H.K. Nicholson, being dyslectic, writing terrifies me, yet for better or worse I was asked to write a book.  The book is called  Beneath Archers Tree.  It’s about the long process that makes us who we become.  It’s about the people we call Mentors, Teachers and Hero’s.  They help us by creating a positive example, something to reach for and a foundation to build upon.  They challenge us to be and do better.  The book still has some freckles here and there along with a few worts.  Like me a little flawed, but still a good story.  This is why we call the first printing the collectors edition, the next editions will have corrections.  So buy them while they last, because they are going fast!  Through the sale of this book, I’m hopping to generate some revenue and a portion of which will go to scholarships.  I’m looking for a way to sale the book for non-profit fund raisers.  Any suggestions?

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